Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Women stole police cruiser, drove to McDonald’s

Florida – St. Pete cops said that Vanessa Nicole Brooks, 22, stole their cruiser while they were inside an apartment investigating a domestic quarrel.

Brooks stole a cell phone out of a truck. As the driver chased her, Brooks made her way to where the officers had parked their cars. She jumped inside one, grabbed the keys, which were not in the ignition, and started the car, police said.

As Brooks backed the car up, she collided with the other police car, causing damage. She then took off, police said.

At 9:41 p.m., the officers came back outside and discovered the missing car. They alerted other officers of the theft and notified Tampa police and the Florida Highway Patrol to be on the lookout for the stolen car, authorities said.

Tampa police officers saw the car in the parking lot of a McDonald’s restaurant at 1600 Kennedy Blvd., police said. Brooks ran from the car and officers chased and arrested her. Meanwhile, the car, which was left in gear, rolled backward and collided with a tree, police said. Full Article

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