Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Christina Black, Convicted of Killing Grandma With a Piece of Fruit, Kills Herself in Prison

The Arizona Department of Corrections says convicted murderer Christina Black apparently killed herself on Tuesday.

Black, a 52-year-old former Apache Junction resident, had been in prison since 1999, when she was sentenced to life after fessing up to murdering her grandmother with a piece of fruit.

According to a 1999 Associated Press story, Black's grandmother, 88-year-old Helen Gerstung, died in April 1995, and Apache Junction cops found no signs of foul play.

Black moved to Florida after her grandmother's death, and a year later, phoned up police in Orlando to confess -- she had killed her grandmother with a kiwi fruit, a blanket, and a plastic bag.

Indeed, according to that AP story, police exhumed Gerstung's body, and found kiwi seeds in her mouth, chunks of kiwi in her throat, and six of her ribs had been broken.  More

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