Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mother accused of helping teen daughter in fight

CINCINNATI, Ohio – A mother accused of helping her 15-year-old daughter beat another teenage girl at a Cincinnati high school last week is defending her actions and says that police and school officials have it all wrong.

Precious Allen, 31, told The Cincinnati Enquirer that the other teenage girl attacked her and her daughter last Thursday at Withrow High School, and that the teen was bigger and taller than both of them.

Allen, a mother of five, said she was talking to a teacher when the girl cursed at her and charged, and that she’s confident that school videos will prove her and her daughter’s innocence.

Police said that Allen burst into a classroom, held the other teen down and told her daughter to hit the girl in the face with a combination lock. The girl, who also was kicked and punched, suffered cuts and bruises, and police say that Allen’s daughter also gave a teacher a black eye.

Allen faces charges of felonious assault and trespassing. Full Article

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