Sunday, March 24, 2013

True Crime - "Rape is a big, big problem. It starts with the woman.

The Guardian
- Mar 23, 2013
- 15 hours ago
"Rape is a big, big problem. It starts with the woman. They drive the man fucking crazy." Papi Gonzales leans back in his chair and surveys the other young Indian men around the table in his beach bar, seeking approval. They nod in agreement, eager to ...
New York Daily News
- Mar 24, 2013
- 1 hour ago
Kolkata, March 24 — Alleging that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's recent comments on rape were "encouraging" lawbreakers, the CPI-M Sunday said her "weird theories" were mere attempts to hide her administration's failure to prevent crimes ...
New York Times
- Mar 22, 2013
- Mar 22, 2013
Then, a star football player at my Memphis high school picked me up off the floor, carried me to the bed and raped me. His girlfriend and one other male classmate were also in the room at the time. They did not stop him. That was three decades ago. I ...
The Root
- Mar 23, 2013
- 11 hours ago
My contribution: It's a class, white and hetero-normative privilege to imply that all women survivors of rape and, by extension, intimate partner violence will be supported after they stop said terror by shooting a gun. Just ask Marissa Alexander. When ...