Sunday, April 7, 2013

Old white man man beaten by black teenagers

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – A Good Samaritan speaks out about how she and her fiance helped a man being beaten by teenagers on the Northside.

A witness who does not want to reveal her identity for fear of her safety says she was driving down Soutel Drive near Lem Turner Road with her fiance and saw a group of teenagers beating a man.

“We seen a whole bunch of African-American kids you know, beating and stomping on an elderly Caucasian guy and he had bags and everything, he couldn’t even defend himself because it was so many kids,” said the anonymous witness.

The witness says she immediately dialed 911 and turned around to go help the man.

The victim told police that he was approached from behind and was beaten with a stick, the witness says at one point he was just laying flat on the ground and almost looked like he had crawled out to the road where people could see him. Full Article

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