Tuesday, May 14, 2013

4 Youths Held in Skateboard Beating: Mother Speaks Out

Man beaten by skateboarders is from a well known adoptive family.

The mother of the man beaten by a mob of skateboarders talks to Fox 11 News. Turns out, they are a family very familiar to us. The mother is a Wednesday's Child adoptive parent.

The picture of Viktor Silcock in the hospital tells the horrific story. The 25-year old is "speaking a little bit" says his mother, but heavily sedated due to injuries after being beaten by a mob of skateboarders. There are tubes coming from his mouth and throat and bandages on his head. His mom says part of his skull was removed. Early reports had him fighting for his life. His mom, Ann Belles, says he is "doing better, but not out of the woods yet."

Four teenagers were arrested for attempted murder. More

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