Monday, July 23, 2018

Casey Anthony No Longer Wears Her Daughter's Ashes Around Her Neck — But Her Mom Still Does

One of the most macabre and surprising details was revealed a year after Casey’s stunning 2011 acquittal, when multiple sources told PEOPLE that Casey and her mother, Cindy, had matching necklaces that contained Caylee’s ashes in small vials.
During one of the reconciliations between the two women, Cindy presented the necklace to her daughter as a gift. At the time, Casey was living in South Florida with a pastor and his family. She attended a small church, and kept photos of Caylee near her bed.
“Casey told me it was the way the Anthony women would be together forever,” a friend of Casey’s told PEOPLE at the time.
But things have changed — and the same source close to Casey tells PEOPLE that she no longer wears the necklace containing Caylee’s ashes.
“Oh, I haven’t seen it in years,” says the friend. “Her mother gave her the necklace and she wore it some back in 2012 and 2013, but I haven’t seen it since. 
I don’t know whatever became of it. It always stood out when she wore it, but I literally can’t remember seeing it for a very long time.”