Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Man Advertised Sex with Pregnant Wife — Then Fatally Shot the Man Who Showed Up

An Illinois man who posted an ad offering sex with his pregnant wife and then fatally shot the man who responded is on trial for a second time after his murder conviction was overturned, PEOPLE confirms.
In 2013, Timothy Smith was convicted of first-degree murder in the 2011 fatal shooting of Kurt Milliman, 48, who showed up to Smith’s Woodstock-area home after Smith posted an ad on Craigslist to have sex with his wife in exchange for money, according to the Northwest Herald.
But his conviction was overturned in 2015, and on Monday, Smith, now 34, appeared before McHenry County Judge Sharon Prather, who presided over his first trial, which was decided by a jury. For his second trial, Smith chose a bench trial, a spokesperson for the State Attorney’s Office tells PEOPLE.
Kimberly Smith testified that she had agreed to the transaction but during her encounter with Milliman, decided she no longer wanted to have sex with men for money, the Northwest Herald reports. Milliman and Kimberly Smith began to argue, she testified.
When Milliman allegedly became violent, Timothy Smith, who was secretly watching, allegedly intervened and shot Milliman with a handgun from behind, she testified at the time, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Man found not guilty of killing his girlfriend with his oversized manhood

According to prosecutors, 60-year-old Francisca Marquinez was found dead in her home in Margate.

Patterson claimed that she died after accidentally choking on his manhood during a sex act.

An autopsy confirmed that Marquinez died of asphyxiation after she choked on Patterson’s manhood during a sex act.

It was also determined that there was no sign of a struggle, which would have suggested that the woman was forced to do something against her will.

Patterson’s attorney asked the judge to allow the jury to see his client’s manhood, but the judge declined.

After hearing the case including testimony from an expert on the matter, the jury determined that the death was an accident and Patterson was found not guilty.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Woman shoots, kills husband for buying porn

An Arkansas woman is in jail after telling police she shot and killed her husband because he purchased pornography.
Jefferson County authorities say 69-year-old Patricia Hill called 911 to report what she had done.
Hill told dispatchers that she shot her husband, 65-year-old Frank Hill.
She told investigators that she canceled his subscription when she found out he ordered television porn.
Hill said she then asked her husband to leave and when he refused, she shot him.
Investigators found the man in a backyard shed when they noticed he had been shot twice.
"There's a shed that he would frequent from time to time, I’m not sure if it was designated as a man cave or whatever but he was found inside that shed," said Maj. Lafayette Woods.
Patricia Hill is currently in the Jefferson County detention center and will stay there until her court date next week.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Mother Charged with Murder After Her 2-Year-Old Daughter Dies Weighing 14 Lbs.

A Georgia mother was charged with the death of her daughter who, officials say, weighed 14 lbs. when she died.
At 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, Devin Moon called the Gwinnett County Police Department and told officers that her daughter Reygan, who was 2 years and 11 months old, was “unresponsive and cold to touch,” according to a press release from the department.
Moon allegedly told detectives her daughter was born with medical problems that prevented her from gaining weight. A child of Reygan’s age usually weighs between 26 and 38 lbs.
“[T]he cause of death was determined to be neglect (malnutrition),” according to the statement. “No other medical issues were discovered which could have led to Reygan’s death. Her weight at the time of death was 14 lbs.”
Moon reportedly worked as a dancer at a club and allegedly left her child alone while she worked, according to a report from local TV station WFMY2.
“During the investigation, detectives found she was leaving the child to go work, basically overnight shifts, on a regular basis,” Gwinnett County Police Sgt. Jake Smith told the TV station. He added that the child “was left at home alone for 10-12 hours most nights.”

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Baby Left in Hot Car While Mom Was Drinking on National Tequila Day

A 26-year-old Tennessee mother allegedly left her baby girl unattended in a hot vehicle earlier this week while she went inside a restaurant to drink on National Tequila Day, according to multiple news outlets.
The woman, identified as Rachel Vanwagner, faces charges of child abuse and neglect in connection with the alleged incident on Tuesday, which occurred in the parking lot at a Mexican restaurant on Highway 70 in Arlington.
Accord Deputies from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office were first called to the establishment by a couple who overheard a child’s cries as they left dinner around 7 p.m., according to local TV station WMC.
The couple said that a baby girl, who appeared to be about 6 months old, was in a car alone, WMC reports. The vehicle was not running and the windows were left open a crack.
According to charging documents obtained by station WHBQ, the baby was sweating when police arrived to remove her from the car.
The outside temperature when authorities arrived at the restaurant was 92 degrees, WHBQ reports.
“When you walk outside you don’t expect to hear a baby in a car and when you do immediately as a parent you perk up,” said the man who, along with his wife, first called authorities He asked to remain anonymous when speaking with local TV.
“The child was hot,” he told WMC. “We could tell that she was sweating, but we knew she wasn’t in immediate danger yet.”

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Burglar wakes up couple to ask to use their Wi-Fi network

A 60-something couple in Palo Alto got an unpleasant surprise on Sunday when they woke up in the middle of the night to find a masked intruder in their bedroom. He said he wanted to use the couple's Wi-Fi network.

The burglar didn't get the Wi-Fi password he was looking for, however. The man leaped out of bed and confronted the intruder, shoving him down the hallway and out the front door. He then immediately called the police. The troublemaker was arrested by police minutes later. No one was injured in the confrontation.

Palo Alto police declined to name the 17-year-old suspect because he was a minor. He was arrested for burglary—a felony—as well as misdemeanor charges of prowling. He was also arrested for providing false information to a police officer—according to police, he initially lied about his identity when he was apprehended.

The intruder had gotten into the house by "cutting a screen covering an open window in the side yard," according to a police statement.

Remarkably, this wasn't the suspect's only legally dubious attempt to get Wi-Fi access that weekend. Just before midnight the previous night, police say, the same young man was found prowling around outside another Palo Alto home. When the house's residents came out and confronted him, he "asked to use their Wi-Fi network because he was out of data."

They told him to get lost, and he rode away on a bike that turned out to be stolen from their back yard. Police were able to recover the bike from the suspect following the second burglary, and he may face an additional charge for stealing the bike.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

‘Demons’ did it, Central Texas couple says after toddler’s death

Affidavits allege that Stevie Williams, 24, and Dazrine Chagoya-Williams, 20, told police that something "other worldly" happened July 4 to their toddler, who was found dead with bruises in their Kyle home.
The couple has been charged with capital murder of a person under 10. 
Court documents show they also face charges of injury to a child with serious bodily injury after their 8-month-old daughter was found with several injuries.
The charges are capital felonies punishable by the death penalty or life in prison.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Woman Reveals Her Final Words to Her Sister After They Were Stabbed at a BART Station

Less than 24 hours after a family day out turned to tragedy, a California woman has spoken about her sister’s senseless death.
With her neck still bandaged from where her alleged attacker stabbed her, Lahtifa Wilson revealed how she pleaded with her sister to hold on after she too was stabbed in the neck at an Oakland BART Station on Sunday night.
“I’m her protector and I feel like I didn’t protect her,” she told ABC 7 News. “She’s just yelling my name, ‘Tifah, Tifah, Tifah,’ and I said, ‘I got you, baby, I got you.’”
Lahtifa reassured her sister, Nia, telling her they would survive this, “We’re gonna get through this, I got you, you’re my baby sister.”
Despite Lahtifa’s pleas, her 18-year-old little sister died from her wounds on the MacArthur platform, according to a press release from the BART Police Department.
Late Monday, their alleged attacker, John Lee Cowell, was arrested after BART police released images of him from surveillance footage and police bodycam footage, according to a second press release from the police department.
Before the stabbing, Lahtifa told the outlet she and her sister had never met Cowell and were “blindsided” by the attack.
“All of a sudden we transfer just to get blindsided by a maniac, for what I don’t know,” she said.
Cowell, 27, was found via an anonymous tip from another BART rider. He was aboard another train bound for Antioch at the Pleasant Hill Station.
Cowell is on parole and was released from prison four months ago, BART Police Chief Carlos Rojas told reporters Monday night.
Cowell was previously convicted of felony second-degree robbery, according to SFGate. He was also previously convicted of battery in June 2013.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Casey Anthony No Longer Wears Her Daughter's Ashes Around Her Neck — But Her Mom Still Does

One of the most macabre and surprising details was revealed a year after Casey’s stunning 2011 acquittal, when multiple sources told PEOPLE that Casey and her mother, Cindy, had matching necklaces that contained Caylee’s ashes in small vials.
During one of the reconciliations between the two women, Cindy presented the necklace to her daughter as a gift. At the time, Casey was living in South Florida with a pastor and his family. She attended a small church, and kept photos of Caylee near her bed.
“Casey told me it was the way the Anthony women would be together forever,” a friend of Casey’s told PEOPLE at the time.
But things have changed — and the same source close to Casey tells PEOPLE that she no longer wears the necklace containing Caylee’s ashes.
“Oh, I haven’t seen it in years,” says the friend. “Her mother gave her the necklace and she wore it some back in 2012 and 2013, but I haven’t seen it since. 
I don’t know whatever became of it. It always stood out when she wore it, but I literally can’t remember seeing it for a very long time.”